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Diamond Hand Pads

Diamond Resin Hand Pads

  • Item No:AS-HPR02
  • Packing:White Box, 8 pcs/box
  • Min. Order:10 pcs/grit
  • Trademark:ASTAR or OEM
  • Payment terms:T/T,Western Union,Paypal
  • Product Description

    They are foam backed for polishing on the surface of marble,granite,ceramics,glass and hard composites. Flat pads are for for polishing plane and the Profile Pads are allowed for easy polishing the profile shapes or the areas that are hard to polishing by machines. They are good at edging or seaming polishing. Distinguishing from general hand polishing block,our hand pad has the following advantages:  

    1.Foam-back is very soft.

    2.Resin bond fine-grit dot is white and can be applied to polish granite and marble,it never leave dye on the surface of stone during working and has a good polishing efficiency.

    3.Dot shape and unattached base make the hand pad more softer and easy to bend,which help to polish the curve part.

    For the coarser grit pads are electroplated diamond on flexible cloth and foam-backed, available in the grits 60#,120#,200#,400#  and 600#.

    For the fine grits, they are resined diamond on flexible cloth and foam-backed available in the grit 800#,1800#,3500# and 7000#. 

    HPR02 Diamond Resin Hand Pads.png